An Update on Focus Business Consulting from Dean Waverman

Focus Business Consulting (FBC) has for many years provided valuable business experience to DeGroote’s students and essential consulting services to our partners. We’re proud of the lasting impact this venture has had on all of our communities.

To ensure that we continue to offer the very best and most current business experiences in our MBA program, The DeGroote School of Business is evolving FBC. This program will not operate during the 2017/2018 academic year as we explore even better ways to connect MBA students with employers.

I am delighted with the work our students have done in FBC and pleased for our community partners who have benefited from this program.

Over the next year, I encourage you to take advantage of the many other opportunities to engage DeGroote students for your organization.

  • MBA Co-op program – minimum 14-week employment with tax credit benefits
  • Commerce internship program – 12-16 month employment with tax credit benefits
  • Group projects – many upper year courses integrate live problems from companies and organizations
  • MBA Student Club – DeGroote MBAs for Impact – this student-led club often gives back to the community by volunteering their time
  • MBA Students – DeGroote Day Challenges (January and May each year) –students take a real organizational problem and have 8 hours to research and recommend next steps in the form of a presentation

Thank you for your continued support of our MBA program and its very talented students.

Dr. Leonard Waverman | Dean
DeGroote School of Business | McMaster University

Education with Purpose | @DeGrooteBiz


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