Course Descriptions and Outlines

A course description provides a summary of the material that a course covers. Course descriptions also specify prerequisites and anti-requisites. You can view a list of all the courses in the calendar or choose a subject area from the menu on the right.

Course outlines contain important information such as:

  • How you will be evaluated.
  • The class schedule.
  • The required reading list.
  • Links to instructor web sites.

Course outlines are provided by your instructor and are maintained by each academic area. Course outlines are posted on the course description pages when available.

For more information about specific courses, or to access outlines that are not posted, please contact the area responsible for your course:

  • Accounting and Financial Services Management / Finance / Business Economics
    Alicja Siek DSB-303 ext. 24630
  • Health Policy and Management / Marketing / Strategic Management
    Nicole Moning DSB-203 ext. 24436
  • Operations Management / Management Information Systems / MINT / Human Resources & Management
    Jeanette Hunter DSB-403 ext. 24434

All Courses

Code Title Subject Area
A600 Financial Accounting and Reporting Accounting
A610 Managerial Accounting Accounting
A650 Accounting for Decision Makers Accounting
A701 Intermediate Financial Accounting I Accounting
A702 Intermediate Financial Accounting II Accounting
A703 Advanced Financial Accounting Accounting
A717 Seminar in Accounting Theory Accounting
A721 Management Accounting Information for Strategic Development Accounting
A722 Market Trading and Risk Management Accounting
A723 Accounting Information Systems Accounting
A727 Financial Fraud And Market Surveillance Accounting
A730 Canadian Taxation I Accounting
A732 Canadian Income Tax Fundamentals Accounting
A733 Canadian Taxation II Accounting
A740 Strategic Management Accounting Accounting
A742 Market Trading and Risk Management : Futures and Forwards Accounting
A745 Assurance Accounting
A750 Financial Statement Analysis Accounting
B600 Organizational Behaviour Human Resources and Management
B650 Organizational Behaviour Human Resources and Management
B712 Managerial Negotiations General
B715 Leadership General
B716 Strategic Organizational Change Human Resources and Management
B717 Management Development Human Resources and Management
B718 Leadership and Career Opportunities Human Resources and Management
B730 Strategic Management of Technology Human Resources and Management
B733 Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Human Resources and Management
B748 Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Human Resources and Management
B758 Organization Theory and Design General
C700 Introduction to Health Management Health Policy and Management
C711 Health Economics and Evaluation Health Policy and Management
C715 Health Care Funding and Resource Allocation Health Policy and Management
C721 Health Policy Analysis Health Policy and Management
C722 Management of Population Health Health Policy and Management
C725 Managing Communications in Health Care Health Policy and Management
C726 Critical Issues in Health Services Management Health Policy and Management
C727 Pharma/Biotech Business Issues Health Policy and Management
C735 Proposal Development for Health Care Leaders Health Policy and Management
C736 Quality Management In Health Services Health Policy and Management
C741 Health Care Marketing Health Policy and Management
C750 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care Health Policy and Management
D700 Case Analysis General
E600 Economics Finance and Business Economics
E714 Business and Economic Forecasting Finance and Business Economics
F600 Managerial Finance Finance and Business Economics
F650 Firms and Markets Finance and Business Economics
F700 Valuation for Finance Professionals Finance and Business Economics
F701 Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management Finance and Business Economics
F710 Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods Finance and Business Economics
F711 Financial Institutions Finance and Business Economics
F712 Applied Corporate Finance Finance and Business Economics
F713 Security Analysis Finance and Business Economics
F714 Options and Futures: Theory and Applications Finance and Business Economics
F715 Portfolio Theory and Management Finance and Business Economics
F716 International Financial Management Finance and Business Economics
F717 Financial Statement Analysis Finance and Business Economics
F720 Small Business/Entrepreneurial Finance Finance and Business Economics
F721 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Control Finance and Business Economics
F722 Market Trading and Risk Management With Options Finance and Business Economics
F723 Fixed Income Analysis Finance and Business Economics
F724 Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance and Business Economics
F725 Personal Financial Management Finance and Business Economics
F726 Behavioural Finance Finance and Business Economics
F727 Working Capital Management Finance and Business Economics
F730 Pension, Retirement and Estate Planning Finance and Business Economics
F731 Insurance and Risk Management Finance and Business Economics
F732 Personal Financial Planning and Advising Finance and Business Economics
F733 Financial Risk Management Finance and Business Economics
F734 Real Estate Finance and Investment Finance and Business Economics
F735 Financial Modelling Finance and Business Economics
F736 Ethics and Professional Practice In Finance Finance and Business Economics
F737 Financial Fraud and Market Surveillance Finance and Business Economics
F738 Value Investing Finance and Business Economics
F740 Islamic Finance Finance and Business Economics
F742 Market Trading and Risk Management With Futures Finance and Business Economics
F743 Big Data in Finance Finance and Business Economics
F748 Financial Management for Biotechnology Firms Finance and Business Economics
F758 Financial Products and Services: Innovation and Market Trends Finance and Business Economics
H600 Human Resources Management Human Resources and Management
H738 Strategic Human Resource Planning Human Resources and Management
I601 Managing Financial Resources General
I602 Economics & Business Statistics General
I603 Competing through Digital Transformation & Analytics General
I604 Creating Customer Value General
I605 Managing Organizations General
K603 Information Systems In Business Information Systems
K650 Information Systems in Business Information Systems
K723 Data Mining and Business Intelligence Information Systems
K724 eBusiness Strategies Information Systems
K725 Business Process Management Information Systems
K728 eHealth: Innovations, Trends, Successes and Failures General
K731 Project Management Information Systems
K735 Managing the Implementation of Enterprise Systems Information Systems
K736 Management Issues In eHealth Information Systems
K737 Cases in eBusiness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Information Systems
K793 Mobile Commerce General
M600 Marketing Concepts and Applications Marketing
M650 Marketing Management Marketing
M721 Business Marketing Marketing
M722 Health Care Marketing Marketing
M724 Innovation and New Products Marketing
M727 Marketing Communication Marketing
M731 Marketing Research Marketing
M732 Consumer Behaviour Marketing
M733 Marketing Analytics Marketing
M734 Strategic Marketing Analysis Marketing
M736 Services Marketing Marketing
M740 Corporate Reputation and Brand Management Marketing
M750 Consultative Selling Marketing
M751 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing
O600 Operations Management Operations Management
O650 Operations Management Operations Management
O701 Modelling and Analytics Using Spreadsheets Operations Management
O711 Risk Models in Operations Management Operations Management
O715 Simulation for Business Analytics Operations Management
O718 Selected Topics Operations Management
O721 Inventory Management and Production Planning Operations Management
O725 Business Logistics Operations Management
O726 Methods for Quality Management Operations Management
O727 Service Operations Management Operations Management
O734 Supply Chain Management Operations Management
O735 Strategic Procurement Operations Management
P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment Strategic Management
P715 Entrepreneurship Strategic Management
P720 Strategic Management Strategic Management
P722 Legal Aspects Of Business Strategic Management
P724 Innovation Strategic Management
P727 Strategic Knowledge Management Strategic Management
P731 Crisis Management and Communications Strategic Management
P737 Profiting From Intellectual Property Strategic Management
P745 Corporate Governance Strategic Management
Q600 Applied Business Statistics General
V700 Strategic Business Analysis and Valuation Valuation
V701 Financial Statement Analysis Valuation
V702 Behavioural Finance Valuation
V703 Financial Modeling and Valuation Valuation
V704 Advanced Strategic Business Valuation Valuation
V705 Venture Capital and Private Equity Valuation
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