Course Descriptions and Outlines

A course description provides a summary of the material that a course covers. Course descriptions also specify prerequisites and anti-requisites. You can view a list of all the courses in the calendar or choose a subject area from the menu on the right.

Course outlines contain important information such as:

  • How you will be evaluated.
  • The class schedule.
  • The required reading list.
  • Links to instructor web sites.

Course outlines are provided by your instructor and are maintained by each academic area. Course outlines are posted on the course description pages when available.

For more information about specific courses, or to access outlines that are not posted, please contact the area responsible for your course:

  • Accounting and Financial Services Management / Finance / Business Economics
    Alicja Siek DSB-303 ext. 24630
  • Health Policy and Management / Marketing / Strategic Management
    Jane-Ann Best DSB-203 ext. 24436
  • Operations Management / Management Information Systems / MINT / Human Resources & Management
    Christine Mcconnell DSB-403 ext. 24434

Strategic Management Courses

Code Title Subject Area
P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment Strategic Management
P715 Entrepreneurship Strategic Management
P719 The Clinic - Innovation Lab Strategic Management
P720 Strategic Management Strategic Management
P722 Legal Aspects Of Business Strategic Management
P724 Innovation Strategic Management
P727 Strategic Knowledge Management Strategic Management
P731 Crisis Management and Communications Strategic Management
P737 Profiting From Intellectual Property Strategic Management
P745 Corporate Governance Strategic Management
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