Required Courses

During the first year of the MBA program students complete core business courses to develop a general understanding of key areas of business. In the second year there are two required courses and eight electives. First year courses are denoted by the 600-level course code and second year courses have a 700-level course code. You can concentrate your electives in a particular field to earn a specialization or minor.

Typically, students in the accelerated program are admitted directly into second year.


You must successfully complete 20 courses to graduate; 12 of those courses are mandatory (non-elective):

First Year

Term 1
A600 Financial Accounting and Reporting
B600 Organizational Behaviour
E600 Economics
K603 Information Systems in Business
Q600 Applied Business Statistics
Term 2
A610 Managerial Accounting
F600 Managerial Finance
H600 Human Resources Management
M600 Marketing Concepts and Applications
O600 Operations Management

Second Year

Term 3
P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment
Term 4
P720 Strategic Management


The remaining eight courses are electives, chosen from the MBA course catalogue. Students can concentrate electives in a specific area to earn a specialization, or you can earn a general MBA.

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