Required Courses

During the first year of the MBA program students complete core business courses to develop a general understanding of key areas of business. In the second year there are two required courses and eight electives. First year courses are denoted by the 600-level course code and second year courses have a 700-level course code. You can concentrate your electives in a particular field to earn a specialization or take courses across fields to earn a breadth of knowledge in various disciplines.

Students in the accelerated program are admitted directly into second year and are not required to complete the first year curriculum. Accelerated students are required to complete SGS 101, SGS 201 and the 2nd year degree requirements.


You must successfully complete 25 courses to graduate; 14 of those courses are mandatory (non-elective):

First Year

Term 1
I601 Managing Financial Resources
I602 Economics & Business Statistics
I603 Competing through Digital Transformations & Analytics
I604 Creating Customer Value
I605 Managing Organizations
L611 Foundations 1
*SGS 101 Academic Research Integrity
*SGS 201 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act
Term 2
A650 Accounting for Decision Makers
F650 Firms and Markets
L625 Foundations 2
L626 Integrating Project
Plus 3 electives
B650 Managing People in Organizations
C650 Introduction to Health Care Management
K650 Information Systems in Business
M650 Strategic Marketing Management
O650 Operations Management
** online training module required for all graduate students at McMaster University

Second Year

Term 3
P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment
Term 4
P720 Strategic Management


The remaining eight courses are electives, chosen from the MBA course catalogue. Students can concentrate electives in a specific area to earn a specialization, or you can earn a general MBA.

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