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The Clinic - Innovation Lab

Innovation is the process of attempts to develop and introduce new and improved ways of doing things. The first stage of this process refers to creativity or idea generation. The subsequent stage is implementing ideas toward better procedures, practices, and products.

This course focuses on implementation. As such, it is an opportunity for you to apply research ideas generated by McMaster’s researchers.

You will move the business forward by creating commitments from interested stakeholders, covering them into business partners. In practice, this is accomplished by organizing and holding a social event where partnerships are created. Such an undertaking requires that each team grasps the underlying technology, has a basic understanding of the value the technology can generate, and the potential market the technology can server. You should understand what the technology needs to move closer to application and how stakeholders can benefit from becoming partners. A commercial partner augments the resources of the entrepreneurial team through capital, his or her network, and new knowledge.

This course uses the experiential learning method – students learn by engaging in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship. This course develops skills that can be applied in any circumstance (e.g., non-for-profit, industry, start-up) where technology should be transferred to the market.

Due to limited capacity, registration for P719 will be by application only.  Please use the application form to be considered.  Deadlines can be found on the application form.


Course Offerings

Winter 2020

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Winter 2019

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