How To Apply

Log into MOSAIC -> Click on Student Centre box -> Under Finances, click on “Apply for Financial Aid”


Bursaries are grants awarded to assist with education-related costs. A bursary does not need to be repaid.

The MBA program offers a number of bursaries for both newly admitted (“entrance”) and current (“in-course”) students. There are separate awards and applications for each. (There are also university-wide bursaries, which are available to all graduate students.)  To be eligible for a bursary you must have received OSAP (or equivalent out-of-province) funding for the current academic year and provided accurate income figures on your confirmation of enrolment form during registration.

Students who are not eligible for OSAP (or equivalent out-of-province) funding for the current academic year may still apply for a bursary by selecting an eligible reason on their personal profile and completing a Needs Profile Checklist and supporting documentation. Based on the info they provide, they will be deemed either in need or not in need of financial aid.

Only online bursary applications will be accepted.

Applications are typically available from August 12 to September 30 each year through the Mosaic Student Centre. The link to the “Financial Aid Applications” is located in the Finances section. A resume must accompany the application, and in some cases, a personal statement may also be required. 

List of  Entrance Bursaries

List of  In-Course Bursaries



The university reserves the right not to grant an award in the absence of a suitable candidate, and to limit the number of awards when there are too few suitable candidates.

The university also reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of any award, and to suspend granting of an award or to adjust the stated value of an award in years in which insufficient investment income is available due to fluctuations in investment markets.

In the event a student withdraws from the MBA program before completing all the courses for the academic year, any scholarship monies granted must be paid back in full before the withdrawal becomes official.

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