MBA Onboarding 2017

Message from the Program Director:

Welcome to DeGroote and your MBA experience!

We are excited for your arrival in September as you begin the journey of a lifetime.

Our staff and faculty are experts in their fields and are here to guide, advise, facilitate, educate, teach and promote – to ensure that you grow both personally and professionally throughout your MBA.

Your DeGroote MBA experience starts here with Onboarding. You can learn more about Onboarding week by navigating this site.

Do you have questions about what to expect through Onboarding? We have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not included? Please send us an email to We’ll make sure that it gets answered.

For those of you that like that have everything scheduled in your calendar in advance you can find a list of Key Dates and Deadlines.

Finally, don’t forget to start following us on social media.

We regularly update each of the accounts and will be posting about your Onboarding experiences.

Once again, welcome to the DeGroote School of Business. We look forward to watching you develop and grow as your progress through your MBA.

Willi Weisner,
Director, MBA Program

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What is Onboarding?

Think of the DeGroote MBA Onboarding as a mini-MBA. You will be introduced to a series of business models, transferable skills, and new ways of approaching problems that you will continue to use and develop throughout your MBA and professional career.

DeGroote Leaders

A DeGroote Leader is a senior full-time or co-op student who has demonstrated strong leadership throughout his/her MBA program. This is a voluntary role and interested students participated in a comprehensive recruitment and training process.