New Students FAQ

Frequently asked questions

When are fees due?

  • Once you’re registered, your tuition and ancillary fees will appear in your student account on Mosaic.
  • Late fees and interest accrue after the last day of each term’s drop and add period.
  • Visit the Student Accounts Payment Methods page for payment instructions.
  • More information is also available on Mac’s Money Centre site.

Who do I contact if I need to a letter confirming my enrollment or tuition?

Student are able to download various letters from their Mosaic Student Centre after they have completed course registration. Letters confirming enrollment, specific course enrollment and financial invoice letters are available. Please go to your Student Centre and click on the pull down menu under the “Academics” heading. Search for “Request Enrollment/Financial Letters”.

What is Avenue to Learn (A2L)?

McMaster University uses A2L for all course-based information. This allows students to easily access all course information in one convenient location. Most faculty members post the course syllabus online as well as lecture notes and other course related materials.

What is OSCARplus?

OSCARplus is your portal for event registration, co-op, summer and graduate job search and to book appointments with Academic Advisors or Relationship Managers. Login at

When will I know details of my cohort and learning group?

You will be assigned your final cohort in late August and will be able to view it on Mosaic. Your cohort will be indicated by C01, C02 or C03 after the course code. Select “view weekly schedule” to see the timetable for your cohort.

Can I change cohorts or learning groups?

Your cohort and learning group have been carefully selected to reflect the breadth and diversity of our student population. All cohorts follow the same class schedule and as such, there will be no switching cohorts or learning groups.

Where and how do I purchase textbooks?

Faculty members are in the process of adjusting their course outlines and materials to pivot towards a virtual classroom. We will let you know exactly what you need closer to September. 

Questions relating to your academic experience

Many of your questions can be answered by reviewing information on the MBA Current Student website. If you cannot find the answer there, please send your specific questions along with your student number to

Are there any laptop requirements?

  • We recommend all MBA students have a laptop.
  • PCs are recommended, but Macs are also an option.
  • Make sure you have MS Office (including Excel) installed.

How do I book an appointment with an Academic Advisor?

  • To book an appointment:
    • Log into OSCARplus using your MacID.
    • Click on “appointments” on the left side of the screen.
    • Follow the prompts from there.

    If you don’t see any available appointments, our team may be fully booked. But the schedule is live, so as soon as a spot becomes available it will be listed.

How do I get a letter confirming my enrollment or tuition?

Once the Student Experience team has registered you in courses, you can download confirmation letters on Mosaic. You’ll be able to get letters confirming:

  • Program enrollment
  • Specific course enrollment
  • Your financial invoice

Once your registered for courses, log into Mosaic and click on the “academics” pull-down menu. Look for the “request enrollment/financial letters” option.

What are SGS 101 and SGS 201?

All McMaster graduate students have to complete two online training modules during their first month of study:

  • SGS 101 – Academic Research Integrity and Ethics
  • SGS 201 – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) Training

Learn more about these SGS sessions and how to complete them.

When can I schedule a vacation?

You’re not permitted to book vacations during academic or co-op work terms.

Please check the MBA Dates and Deadlines page to find out when each term starts and ends before booking travel.

Where can I learn more about OSAP and financial aid?

McMaster’s Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships (SFAS) is your resource for financial aid information.

We also provide information about the different types of funding available to new students.

If you’re considering applying to OSAP, read this first.

Why can I only apply for OSAP for the fall term?

  • MBA students are required to apply for OSAP on a term-by-term basis.
  • You will need to apply for September to December online, then you can fill out the OSAP Extension Form to extend your application from January to April, and May to August.

How do payment plans work?

  • Payment plans are new this year and Student Service is working to fine-tune the details. They will be made available to students after the course add/drop date of September 16 through Mosaic. This is to ensure that students have finalized their schedules before making any decisions and that the vast majority of OSAP payments have been processed.
  • We understand that this timeline may not work for you since your payment due date is coming up shortly. To assist with this, we will exclude you from late fees and interest charges until payment plans are available on Mosaic. You will have the opportunity to opt into a payment plan in September if you wish.

What do I need to do if I am an Out-of-Province student receiving financial aid from my province?

  • If you are an out of province student who is receiving financial aid from your province, please upload your form (provided by your province) to our MacDrive.
  • Before uploading the form, please make sure that you have filled out all of the student parts, and that you have dated and signed it.
  • Save the form so that your name and student number are the ‘name’ of the file.

When can I apply for scholarships?

  • AwardSpring is McMaster’s new online aid and awards platform, designed to make the process of applying for scholarships and bursaries easier than ever.
  • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.
  • Reminder: The deadline to apply for fall scholarships and bursaries is September 30
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