Finance Minor

Three of the following:

E714 Business and Economic Forecasting
F700 Valuation for Finance Professionals
F701 Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management
F710 Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods
F711 Financial Institutions
F712 Applied Corporate Finance
F713 Security Analysis
F714 Options and Futures: Theory and Applications
F715 Portfolio Theory and Management
F716 International Financial Management
F717 Financial Statement Analysis
F718/28/38… Selected Topics in Finance:
The topics for these courses depend on recent developments in the subject area and on the research interests of the instructors. Course descriptions for specific selected topics courses will be posted in the course listings.
F720 Small Business/Entrepreneurial Finance
F721 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Control
F722 Market Trading and Risk Management with Options
F723 Fixed Income Analysis
F724 Venture Capital and Private Equity
F725 Personal Financial Management
F726 Behavioural Finance
F727 Working Capital Management
F730 Pension, Retirement and Estate Planning
F731 Insurance and Risk Management
F732 Personal Financial Planning and Advising
F733 Financial Risk Management
F734 Real Estate Finance and Investment
F735 Financial Modelling
F736 Ethics and Professional Practice in Finance
F737 Financial Fraud and Market Surveillance
F740 Islamic Finance
F742 Market Trading and Risk Management with Futures
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