Student Services

DeGroote provides information and resources to support you in your MBA experience.

Resources and Services at the RJC

The Student Experience – Academic (SE-A) office is committed to recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best and brightest students and supporting them throughout their MBA experience. Here are some of the areas where SE-A can help you:

  • Recruiting and admissions
  • Course registration
  • Grade reviewing
  • Scheduling courses and exams
  • Academic counselling and advising
  • Scholarship and bursary administration

The Ron Joyce Centre website has a complete list of the services available there.

Resources and Services at Main Campus

Student Accounts & Cashiers

Valuable information about your fees, various payment options and important deadline dates.

Go to: Student Accounts & Cashiers

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Investing in student success through delivery of government and University financial aid and scholarship programs.

Go to: Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Off-Campus Resource Centre

Listings and information for off-campus housing in Hamilton and Burlington.

Go to: Off-Campus Resource Centre

Student Accessibility Services

For students with disabilities.

Go to: Student Accessibility Services

Student Wellness Centre

At this time, MBA students do not have access to the Student Wellness Centre located on the Hamilton campus. These services are funded by student fees that are not currently collected from students in the MBA program. Students requiring medical treatment are encouraged to contact a walk-in clinic in their community or to secure a family physician close to their residence.

Please contact the MBAA or SE-A if you have any further questions regarding access to medical services.

Athletics and Recreation

Everything Marauders–Go Mac Go!

Go to: Athletics and Recreation

Gould Trading Floor (GTF)

The GTF is a unique market-learning environment that enhances students’ educational experience by providing industry exposure and employment opportunities in the financial services industry.

Go to: Gould Trading Floor

Campus Store

Find everything you need at your student bookstore.
Go to: Campus Store

McMaster Libraries

The four libraries in the University Library system are here to help you with your research, teaching and learning.

Go to: McMaster Libraries

BizX Exchange Program

BizX is a formal exchange program available to MBA students. BizX involves outgoing students studying abroad in one of the program’s 45 partner schools for one term, and incoming students studying at McMaster.

Go to: BizX Exchange Program


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