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Nameplate and Name Badge – New MBA Students – Fall 2016

July 19, 2016

DeGroote provides nameplates and name badges at no charge for each new student in the MBA Program.  The nameplates will be used in the classroom to facilitate the participative and interactive processes that form an integral part of MBA teaching.  Magnetic name badges, similar to those worn by DeGroote Faculty and staff, are to be worn at all company information sessions, alumni and industry events to help differentiate you and build your network.

Please go into your Student Centre in Mosaic and enter the name that you would like to appear on both the nameplate and the name badge.  We require the preferred representation of your name (i.e. the name by which you are normally called) and your last name.  For example:

Name:                              John Frederick Smith

Preferred Name:                Fred Smith


Name:                              Xiaofeng Wang

Preferred Name:                Angela Wang


Name:                              Harpreet Singh

Preferred Name:                Preet Singh

If you do not enter a preferred name, the items will be produced with the primary name listed in Mosaic.

Please note that should you wish to re-order these items with another name after they have been produced, you will be charged approximately $17.00 for the nameplate and approximately $11.00 for the name badge.

Please enter your preferred name in Mosaic by no later than Monday, August 8.

Reminder – Outstanding Accounts/Fall 2016 Registration

July 11, 2016

Just a friendly reminder to all students – before you register on Tuesday, July 26 please ensure that your student account shows a zero balance. Please do this before you register.

You should be able to review your student account in Mosaic in your student center.

This is extremely important as any student who owes monies from the previous academic year will not be able to register for September 2016. Additionally, any student who will be expecting to graduate in the fall will not receive their diploma unless they have cleared their account. If you have any questions about your account, please contact The Student Accounts office at studacct@mcmaster.ca

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