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Registration Guide

Important Notes

  • Formal course registration opens to MBA students at 9:00 am (Eastern time).
  • Bookmark the dates and deadlines page.
  • Course registration is done through McMaster’s Mosaic Portal.
  • MBA students do not need to register for the SGS 700 placeholder course

First Year Students

  • Students entering the first year of the MBA in program in September are only required to register for SGS 101 and SGS 201.
  • Information regarding your courses, schedule, and registration will be sent to you through email.

All Other Students

Including incoming Accelerated Program students.

  • MBA students are able to register for the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer academic terms during the Fall registration period.
  • Co-op students on a work term will be automatically registered in a work term course before the start of term. The co-op work term fee will be charged on the work term (subject to change).
  • Students are advised to plan ahead and have a list of courses that they wish to register in prior to the opening of registration. Please read the information below for additional information and registration tips.

Before You Begin

  • Review the MBA Academic Handbook.
    • It outlines in detail all the rules, regulations, and requirements for the program.
    • Remember to confirm the specific requirements for your specialization.
  • Make sure your MacID is active and that you have access to the Mosaic system.

Registration Tips

New MBA Students

  • First year students entering the MBA program in September will be assigned and automatically registered in one of four cohort schedules.
  • All schedules require students to be in attendance full time, Monday through Friday. This includes career development workshops that will be held throughout the week.
  • The schedule will be posted at a later date.

All MBA Students

  • Mosaic will not let you register if you have a “Negative Service Indicator.”
    • Look on the right side of your Student Centre in Mosaic for references to a Negative Service Indicator.
    • It could be failure to complete SGS 101 or 201, outstanding tuition fees, etc.
  • Mosaic will not allow you to register for two classes that are offered at the same day and time.
  • Mosaic will not allow you to register in a course if you have not completed a prerequisite.
  • If you are a regular full-time or co-op student, you must take P700 in your third term and P720 in your fourth term.
  • Full-time and co-op students must declare their specialization by the end of their second academic term.
    • If you have not declared your specialization, or if you would like to change your specialization, please complete an “E-form” through your Mosaic Student Centre. Detailed instructions: How to Complete a Plan Change Request
  • Courses have a maximum capacity and may fill up.
    • Registration in these courses is done on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Mosaic will let you know if you try to enroll in a course which is full.
    • If a course appears on the MBA schedule but not in Mosaic, the course is full and you must select another course.
    • Have a backup plan! You should have a list of alternate courses handy in case the course you want is full.
  • If you have trouble completing your registration and need assistance, please contact us.

Registration Guide

Step 1

Once you’ve planned out your course selection, use your MacID and password to log into Mosaic.

Screenshot of the Mosaic login page.

Step 2

This will open your Mosaic home page. Click on the “Student Centre” tab.

Screenshot of the Mosaic home page. The Student Center tab is a tile near the top-right.

Step 3

Your Student Centre houses information related to course selection, your schedule, student account, transcript, and letter requests — as well as personal information. Please spend some time clicking through the links to get familiar with the information on this page.

To continue with course registration, click the “enroll” link under the “academics” heading.

Screenshot of the Student Center page. The "Academics" section is near the top. The "enrol" link is in that section.

Step 4

Click on the “search” button in the blue box.

Screenshot of the "add" tab on the enrollment page. Near the bottom of the page there is a "search" button in a blue shaded area. It's under "find classes."

Step 5

In the “course subject” field, type BUSADMIN and click the “search” button.

If you’re registering in SGS 101 or 201, use “SGS” as your course subject.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows the "enter search criteria" form.

Step 6

Click “OK”. This will bring up a list of MBA courses offered in the term.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows a message: "Your search will return over 50 classes, would you like to continue?" There are "OK" and "Cancel" buttons underneath.

Step 7

Scroll through the list of courses and “select” the class and section that you want.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows search results near the bottom. Each result has a "select class" button.

Step 8

Click the “next” button.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows an "enrollment preferences" view. There is a "next" button near the bottom of a section showing class preferences.

Step 9

A success message should appear. Click the “search” button in the blue box underneath to find your next course.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows the page refreshed with a success message. The blue box with the search button is back, underneath.

Step 10

Repeat these steps until you have selected all of your courses.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows a "confirm classes" view.

Step 11

When you’re finished, click “proceed to step 2 of 3” and follow the instructions provided.

Screenshot of the "add classes" page. Shows a "view results" view.

Pay Fees

Information about tuition and fee amounts can be found on the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office website. The Student Accounts Office handles all payment inquiries.

Your first payment must be made by the appropriate deadline listed below:

  • Fall session
    September 25
  • Winter session
    January 25
  • Spring/Summer session
    May 25

For information about fees or payments please contact the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office.

For information about OSAP funding or general bursaries please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Helpful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

“Reserve Capacity Criteria”

  • Although a course may appear to have seats available, the seats in the allotted “reserve capacity” that you have access to may be full at this time.
  • Oftentimes, faculties release a specific number of seats to students outside of their faculty. Once faculties are certain that there are enough seats for their students, these seats will be released.
  • We encourage you to try enrolling in a different section (if available) or a different elective with space and continue to try to swap into your preferred elective on Mosaic once the reserved seats are released.
  • To confirm the reserved seat release date, you must reach out to the home faculty of the course offered.

“Pre-requisites Not Met”

  • Please refer to the course website (Course Descriptions and Outlines – MBA Program ( to view the prerequisites.
  • If you do meet the prerequisite, reach out to us at so we can investigate this for you further. Please include your full name and student number in your inquiry.

“Department Consent Required”

  • This error message means this course is currently full.
  • Course enrollment will be monitored carefully.  Please try back often to see if a seat has become available.
  • In the meantime, we also suggest you register in an alternate course.

Note: You may get the “Department Consent Required” message even when the course does not appear to be full. This means someone has dropped the course and a seat is being given to the next student on the wait list.

  • There are no available seats left for enrollment.
  • You can continue to monitor Mosaic for an opening in your desired course until the end of the add/drop period each term (see Dates and Deadlines).
  • We recommend that you log into Mosaic to search for other potential courses that could fit your needs.

Please note the Student Experience team cannot assist you with individual student financial affairs.

For all financial inquiries, please contact the McMaster Financial Affairs department.

Our Academic Advisors continue to support students virtually through the Zoom platform and appointments can be made on OSCARplus:

  • Log into OSCARplus with your MacID and password.
  • On the left-hand side, click DeGroote School of Business.
  • Select Appointments.
  • Click MBA and book an appointment using the View Calendar option.
    • Please leave a detailed comment describing how an Academic Advisor can best assist you.
  • Upon booking, you will receive a Zoom link to connect with the Academic Advisor at the date/time of your appointment.


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