DeGroote School of Business

Independent Research Project

There is no thesis requirement for the MBA program, but under certain circumstances you may replace one second year elective with an independent research project. This involves developing an original paper, research study or project on a subject directly associated with your area of study.

Independent research projects must be arranged in advance (usually during the previous term). A faculty member must agree to supervise your project and permission must be granted by the Area Chair and Associate Dean.

Download the independent research project proposal form for more details and contact Student Experience – Academic if you have any questions.

You cannot register for an independent project course on Mosaic. Please contact Student Experience – Academic for assistance.

Please note:

Any course taken off sequence (eg., during a co-op term, or during the summer for full-time students), including an independent research project course, is considered a part-time course and students are required to pay extra for that course in the term in which it is taken.  Please keep in mind that three or more courses taken in a term is considered to be a full course load, and therefore students must pay the full tuition and fees for any term in which they take three or more courses, regardless of whether or not they have paid for a course taken off sequence.  For further information, please contact an MBA Academic Advisor.