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The full-time MBA program consists of 4 academic terms. The full-time with co-op MBA program consists of 4 academic terms and 3 work terms. In the first 2 academic terms, all students complete required core business courses. In the second year, students take 2 required courses and 8 electives.

Students in the accelerated program are admitted directly into second year. They take the two required second year courses and 8 electives.

Required Courses

First Year

In first semester, students start by taking 5 introductory modules to help make sure everyone understands core business principles.

  • L611 – Critical Thinking and Communication
  • I601 – Managing Financial Resources
  • I602 – Economics and Business Statistics
  • I603 – Competing through Digital Transformations and Analytics
  • I604 – Creating Customer Value
  • I605 – Managing Organizations

All graduate students at McMaster must complete two online SGS training modules within the first month of the program.

During second semester, students complete the remaining 4 required first year courses.

Plus 3 of the courses below

Second Year

During first semester of year 2, students take the required P700 course, and four second-year electives.

During second semester of year 2, students take the required P720 course, and four second-year electives.

SGS Training Modules

McMaster graduate students (including all MBA students) are also required to complete two online training modules during the first semester:

  • SGS 101 – Academic Research Integrity
  • SGS 201 – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act


Helpful Resources

Understanding Course Codes

First year courses have 600-level codes.

Second year courses have 700-level codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Reserve Capacity Criteria”

  • Although a course may appear to have seats available, the seats in the allotted “reserve capacity” that you have access to may be full at this time.
  • Oftentimes, faculties release a specific number of seats to students outside of their faculty. Once faculties are certain that there are enough seats for their students, these seats will be released.
  • We encourage you to try enrolling in a different section (if available) or a different elective with space and continue to try to swap into your preferred elective on Mosaic once the reserved seats are released.
  • To confirm the reserved seat release date, you must reach out to the home faculty of the course offered.

“Pre-requisites Not Met”

  • Please refer to the course website (Course Descriptions and Outlines – MBA Program ( to view the prerequisites.
  • If you do meet the prerequisite, reach out to us at so we can investigate this for you further. Please include your full name and student number in your inquiry.

“Department Consent Required”

  • This error message means this course is currently full.
  • Course enrollment will be monitored carefully.  Please try back often to see if a seat has become available.
  • In the meantime, we also suggest you register in an alternate course.

Note: You may get the “Department Consent Required” message even when the course does not appear to be full. This means someone has dropped the course and a seat is being given to the next student on the wait list.

Our Academic Advisors continue to support students virtually through the Zoom platform and appointments can be made on OSCARplus:

  • Log into OSCARplus with your MacID and password.
  • On the left-hand side, click DeGroote School of Business.
  • Select Appointments.
  • Click MBA and book an appointment using the View Calendar option.
    • Please leave a detailed comment describing how an Academic Advisor can best assist you.
  • Upon booking, you will receive a Zoom link to connect with the Academic Advisor at the date/time of your appointment.