Course Description

Financial Fraud And Market Surveillance

With the well-publicized financial fraud debacles involving Enron, WorldCom, Parmalat, questions such as, “Where is the money?”, “What happened to our money (investments, pensions and alike)?” are on the news screens worldwide. Students will gain an appreciation of the magnitude and impact of financial fraud (fraud is an extremely costly business problem), and its consequences; an overview of common fraud schemes and their linkages to various business functions and processes; the relevant legal, regulatory, and accounting standards; management and mitigation of fraud through risk assessment, controls to deter and detect fraud, auditing, investigation, and remediation. Thus, this course aims to equip financial and business professionals with the investigative skills they need to understand, pre-empt (uncover) fraud. A salient aspect of the course quite apart from lectures and cases is the regulatory perspective undertaken with presentations from professionals from the OSC, RCMP, Regulation Services (RS) and an introduction to the market survey.

  • Prerequisite: A600, A610, and F600, OR A650 and F650
  • Cross-list: F737

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