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Course Description

A733 - Canadian Taxation II

The objective of this course is to advance the student’s knowledge of Canadian federal income taxation in the area of business activities of corporations and transactions with shareholders. Other topics include computation of corporate taxable income and tax for various types of corporations, corporate surplus distribution, the sale of a corporation, and rights and obligations under the Income Tax Act.

  • Formerly: P723
  • Prerequisite: A730, A701, or A702; or concurrent registration in A701 or A702
  • Antirequisite: A732

Course Offerings

Winter 2024

Code Section Outline
A733 C01

Winter 2023

Code Section Outline
A733E CO1 Outline

Winter 2022

Code Section Outline
A733 E C01 Outline

Winter 2021

Code Section Outline
A733E C01

Winter 2020

Code Section Outline
A733 C01 Outline

Winter 2019

Code Section Outline
A733E C01 Outline

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