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C740 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health Care Marketing

This course seeks to deepen students’ understanding of various business, psychology and social science models and their application to healthcare marketing from interdisciplinary perspectives. This includes the social marketing of goods, services and ideas by both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Course content includes planning, strategy and implementation; targeting and segmenting; marketing research and ethical issues; the “4Ps”; and the monitoring/controlling processes. Innovations in e-health and public health are discussed at local, national and global levels. Student teams undertake a major marketing consulting project, in partnership with government, community and industry organizations. These projects address real-world issues, and their global implications, such as food security and food literacy.

  • Prerequisite: Registration in the Global Health Program, or eHealth Program, or permission of the instructor.
  • Antirequisite: C741, M722

Course Offerings

Winter 2024

Code Section Outline
C740 C01

Winter 2022

Code Section Outline
C740 X C01

Winter 2021

Code Section Outline
C740 C01

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