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K724 - eBusiness Strategies

The goal of this course is to prepare students to become effective managers and strategists in the area of eBusiness. Along these lines the course focuses on the various elements of eBusiness strategy including identifying and evaluating market opportunities, exploring the various business models that are being used in the networked economy, and gaining an understanding of the guiding principles behind the design and strategy of successful customer Web interfaces. The course will also explore issues related to branding in an eBusiness environment as well as exposing students to issues related to effectively implementing online strategies and how to use metrics to assess the health of an eBusiness. Learning in this course is accomplished through a combination of lectures, guest speakers, case analysis, and a student group term project.

  • Prerequisite: K603, OR I603 and I604

Course Offerings

Fall 2023

Code Section Outline
K724 E C01 Outline

Summer 2023

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K724 E C01 Outline

Winter 2022

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K724 E C01

Fall 2020

Code Section Outline
K724E C01 Outline

Summer 2019

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K724E C01

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