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M751 - Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

This course aims to develop students’ sustainability awareness and skills to enhance sustainable business value based on the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. It will cover theoretical frameworks and current evidence from research and management tools. The course will provide the background and context of Sustainability and CSR (sustainable – development, consumption, innovation, product design and development, as well as social responsibility, green marketing, eco-labelling, clean technology, regulations, etc.). It will focus on developing an understanding of the relationships between CSR /Sustainability and financial performances. In the process it intends to encourage systems thinking and integration of the triple bottom line thinking into business to create customer value. Ultimately, the course aims to enhance the student’s capacity to do the job of a socially responsible manager in any field.

  • Formerly: M758
  • Prerequisite: M600 OR M650

Course Offerings

Summer 2022

Code Section Outline
M751 E C01 Outline

Summer 2019

Code Section Outline
M751E C01

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