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O711 - Predictive Modelling and Analytics

All levels of companies need to make predictions ranging from the mundane sales forecast to the more sophisticated cases that may have limited data such as predicting competitive responses. This course will cover both the art (modelling) and science of prediction. Topics will include exploratory data analysis techniques and visualization of data, multiple linear regression and model building, machine learning (with a focus on classification and clustering), probabilistic inference models, diagnostics and model validation. Practical applications of these topics as well as the use of up to date software tools will be emphasized.

  • Prerequisite: Q600 OR I602 and I603

Course Offerings

Winter 2024

Code Section Outline
O711 C01 Outline
O711 E C02 Outline

Winter 2023

Code Section Outline
O711 CO1 Outline

Winter 2022

Code Section Outline
O711 E C01 Outline

Winter 2021

Code Section Outline
O711 C01 Outline

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