Strategic Business Valuation


Students in this specialization are the next generation of valuation professionals.

Students learn best practices for business valuation through a unique interdisciplinary approach using a blend of finance, economics, and accounting principles. This includes: investigative techniques to identify the drivers of value in an enterprise; case analysis and class discussion; and panel discussions with industry experts.

Required courses

P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment
P720 Strategic Management
V700 Strategic Business Analysis and Valuation
V704 Advanced Strategic Business Valuation
Plus three of the following:
F712 Applied Corporate Finance
F713 Security Analysis
F721 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Control
V701 Financial Statement Analysis
V702 Behavioural Finance
V703 Financial Modeling and Valuation
V705 Venture Capital and Private Equity
Plus 3 electives.
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