Course Description

Valuation for Finance Professionals

The goal of the course is to build students’ skills and confidence in answering the question: “What is a company worth?” Through the use of case analysis (supplemented with lecture-based background material), we will examine the drivers of corporate value, traditional and alternative valuation models and approaches, and various valuation situations (IPO valuation, private equity and LBO valuation, valuation of high-growth and mature firms, etc.). The course helps prepare students for a long-term career as an investment or commercial banker with a corporate finance focus, the CEO/CFO of a company, or a financial consultant in the financial services industry or in government.

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  • Prerequisite: F600 OR F650
  • Antirequisite: V700

Course Offerings

Winter 2021

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Winter 2020

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Fall 2018

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C01 Outline
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