Business Analytics


Business Analytics is a cross-discipline specialization that incorporates descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics courses as well as application courses. In addition to the required Year 1 foundational functional areas of business courses, the specialization offers foundational courses in predictive and prescriptive courses in Year 2. Most of the courses will make use of relevant analytics software to equip the students with the necessary analytics platforms.

Many industry leaders have touted data analytics as the next frontier for innovation and productivity. The employment growth in data analytics is predicted to be the largest among all occupations in Canada. This specialization provides students with a wide variety of career options in the area of business analytics with three application tracks in finance, marketing and operations.

The Business Analytics specialization serves as a gateway to valuable professional designations such as INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) designation as well as the SAP Business Integration Certification program.

Required courses

K723 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
O701 Modelling and Analytics Using Spreadsheets
O711 Predictive Modelling and Analytics
O715 Simulation and Business Analytics
P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment
P720 Strategic Management


Finance Track

F741 Introduction to FinTech
F743 Big Data in Finance

One Elective From:

F713 Security Analysis; F714 Options and Futures: Theory and Applications; F715 Portfolio Theory and Management; F719 Independent Research Project in Finance;

F722 Market Trading and Risk Management with Options; F723 Fixed Income Analysis; F733 Financial Risk Management; and F735 Financial Modelling


Information Systems Track

Three of the Following:
eHealth 746 Healthcare Analytics
K724 eBusiness Strategies
K725 Business Process Management
K735 Managing the Implementation of Enterprise Planning Systems
K737 Cases in eBusiness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Marketing Track

Three of the Following:
M719 Independent Research Project in Marketing
M731 Marketing Research
M733 Marketing Analytics
M734 Strategic Marketing Analytics


Operations and Supply Chain Management Track

Three of the Following:
O719 Independent Research Project in Operations Management
O721 Inventory Management and Production Planning
O725 Business Logistics
O726 Methods for Quality Management
O734 Supply Chain Management
O735 Strategic Procurement
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