Strategic Marketing


Highly successful marketers understand both the quantitative as well as the qualitative aspects of customer behaviour in consumer and business markets. The Strategic Marketing Specialization provides MBA students a diverse selection of courses to develop the broad understanding of the fundamental concepts, theories and applications needed to be a successful marketer. Integrated experiential learning is an important part of this education.

Graduates in this specialization are well prepared for careers in marketing management, new product marketing, brand management, services marketing, marketing research, retailing, sales, advertising, promotion etc. Students are provided with the education and experience to become highly successful in both consumer and business marketing situations as well as to effectively operate in domestic and international markets.

Required courses

P700 Business, Government and the Global Environment
P720 Strategic Management
M731 Marketing Research
Plus four of the following:
M713 International Marketing Management
M721 Business Marketing
M722 Health Care Marketing
M724 Innovation and New Products
M727 Marketing Communication
M732 Consumer Behaviour
M733 Marketing Analytics
M734 Strategic Marketing Analysis
M736 Services Marketing
M740 Corporate Reputation and Brand Management
M750 Consultative Selling
M751 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
P715 Entrepreneurship
P731 Crisis Management and Communications
M718/28/38… Selected Topics in Marketing:
The topics for these courses depend on recent developments in the subject area and on the research interests of the instructors. Course descriptions for specific selected topics courses will be posted in the course listings.
Plus 3 electives.
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